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Intuitive, friendly and non-judgemental spiritual and religion expert. I can look into how we can connect to these influences ahead Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hello my name is Yazmin I am spiritual and religion expert.

What does spirituality mean?

I am a spiritualist who believes in life after death and laws of attraction and how this impacts our life around us and things that happen in our life. I believe we are all engaged to our environments through spirituality and religious beliefs.

Through a spiritual reading we can look at what energy surrounds you and how it impacts your environment and life.

How do I conduct my readings?

I have been conducting my readings through clairvoyance means, which is a spiritual way to conduct a reading.

Clairvoyance is one of my gifts a spiritual means to see and feel emotions that are shown to me through my guides spiritually. Clairaudience is another spiritual gift that gives me information from my guide through sound and voice “clear hearing” information shared with me

Spirit guides

My spirit guide is my grandfather who has passed away and comes to me through my psychic abilities.

Using prayers, I connect to my guides, who are people who have passed over into the spirit world.

Spirituality is about a way to live life, and create the environment of which you live in to be without attachments to material or external belongings

What does religion mean?

This is simply a way we connect to our environment and a god or religious choice that sometimes is inherited or we find on our journey through life.

It is a way to worship and celebrate what helps us and gives us strength through our journey in life.

Whatever religion choice, we can look at how this can help enhance your life and address things that are needing balancing. I connect to my spiritual guides, who help me give you answers for your questions and your reading.

Mediumship spiritual psychic gift

I am a psychic medium who uses spirituality to connect to the spirit world. This is a spiritual gift that has been perfected over 20 years of psychic circles and spiritual development which help to enhance my connections to the world beyond what we live in.

What information do I need for your reading?

Have your first name and your date of birth ready as this it the initial information I need for a reading.

And I use this as a means to connect to my spirit guides who help me with giving information towards your reading!

Experience & Qualifications

Giving private readings, 1998-Current.

Attended a spirtualist group in South East England.2001-Current (varied and open)

I have attended psychic circles that enhance and develop my mediumship skills.

I have been aware of my psychic gifts from the age of 12 years old.

I had a strong premonition that triggered off my journey into the spirit world.

This allowed me to follow a divine purpose to work with people who wish to seek help.

I have over 20 years of experience of providing readings to clients and through mediumship and group sessions.

I developed and enhanced my psychic abilities through spiritual church and closed psychic circles.

These allow you to enhance your spiritual skills.

I have been able to develop my psychic skills and instantly pick up what is surrounding clients.

I connect with speed and accuracy to tell you information that you will only know exclusively.

And I will confirm your questions and interests without any doubt of my strong psychic skills.

I am intuitively gifted to connect to your inner spiritual self and answer questions that you have not yet mentioned.

I will wash away fears that you have and insecurities that you wish to talk about and to be supported in addressing.

Together in my reading with you, I can help give you the accuracy and attention that your circumstance deserves.


Professional Psychic and Advisor since 1998. Psychic awareness since the age of 12 years old.