About My Services

Thank you for sharing your time with me! It is a great honor to share a part of your life with you!!! I am a Reiki Healer and Intuitive, God gifted me with an extremely sensitive feel for energy and emotional situations. I have been offering insights and energies to assist others on their chosen path for numerous years as well as working with children and animals...I also use the Tarot Cards as a tool to give further insight as needed or if requested by the client. Learn to empower you and turn negative and doubt to manifest a positive in your life! What is important to me is that together we work thru the steps to see the other side of that coin in your life .. find that sunlight and feel good about who you are and the blessings around you !

Experience & Qualifications

I have been offering insights and assistance to others with wonderful success, all of my life, and work closely with my personal guide "Gabriel"
I have been told I am naturally gifted and people feel uplifted and clear after a session with me! I am very honest with what I relate to you and some information may not always be what you want to hear...If you are not looking for the truth it will be difficult for me to give you an honest session!! If I am not shown the answer that you seek then I will not lie to you just to appease you, I will be honest and tell you what I am being shown... NOTE: I do not put timing in stone! If you are looking for precise timing then I am NOT the one for you.. I believe in divine timing and it will be when the time is right! I am a messenger not a miracle worker but I will give 110 percent to help you on your path in this lifetime. It is very important to me that the SUN shine in your life and I hope that I can share that with each and everyone of you! Much love and light is so needed and I have all this to share.... All sessions are confidential as I highly respect the privacy of my clients. (c) Ambers Light 2004 My schedule is usually Monday thru Sunday.. I do not work on Saturday nights...God Bless!


Empath with Clairvoyance, Reiki Healer, Intuitive, Tarot Cards... Special Courses in various fields. With LP/Kasamba since 2004!