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Your compassionate and caring Psychic Friend. Straightforward and to the point readings. Over 15k reviews in last 10 years on Kasamba. Love & Peace - Rani. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am Spiritually Gifted Psychic. My Gifts Include :-

Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing, Clairaudience - Clear Hearing, Clairsentience - Clear Feeling, Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

These Gift are passed through my Grandmother Lt. Sh. Asha Rani at age of 10. I have an Firm believe that she is always there with me as my Spiritual Guide.

Having such Gifts, itself brings in great level of responsibility which help and encourage me to do my work with serious consideration, as deep emotions are involved. I truly honor and respect all spiritual paths seekers. This is my promise to provide my clients only The Truth without any sugar coating.

Let me unveil the mysteries for you

Experience & Qualifications

By the Age of 12 I encountered with some incidences with friends that helped me discover my gifts. By Age 20 I Established an Spiritual Kendra from where I began professionally. By Year 2007, I joined Kasamba.

Today in 2019 I have over 15k reviews and I feel blessed to be an play my role as "An Messenger" in helping my clients.

I Specialize in matters of the Love and can also help with Career, Finance, Dreams etc.


Fourth Generation Psychic