About My Services

Welcome! I am a natural born clairaudient and clairvoyant and had known my gifts since I was young. I am very good at reading the person behind the person, meaning I can tell what someone's true intentions and feelings are. My expertise is dealing with human relationships (whether they are friends, partners, families, aquaintances) and telling you what someone is thinking and feeling and what is going on in their minds and lives. I can tell you what a specific person thinks or feels about you and am told by many clients here that I said the very same words out of a person's mouth and mind.

I cannot connect to just anybody, so what I would like clients to do is IF I do not make any sense at all to what I am picking up about your situation, just click out so we do not waste your time and money. But I promise each client will get the absolute honesty and clear insights from me

I apologise I do not do any work or career readings or health readings My expertise is more on people to people situations.

My approach is very honest and specfic and will not beat around the bush with you. All I need is your first name and your specific questions and will be good to go! Please do not give me your star sign or date of birth. I am NOT an astrology reader and giving me date of births messes up the purity of the info coming through. Please do not give me any dobs.

I understand your concerns and confusion and am ready to help you in any way I can. I will not lie, so if there is anything I had said in my readings that hurt you, I deeply apologise. So have an open mind, take a deep breath and come in and talk to me and hopefully I can give you the clarity and peace you are looking for.

A psychic reading is supposed to be powerful, insightful and many times, life changing. I know how important that can be and so I will not tolerate what I call ''leeches''. A leech to me is a person who, once they see u being priced at a lower price than the rest, come in and ask questions like ''when will he/she call me? Will he/she hang out with me?''etc. These questions to me are a waste of time, many people often abuse what a psychic's work is. I am not interested in working with someone who waste their time and money asking if another person will hang out with them. I am interested in working with you to finally free you from years of either confusion over a relationship/connection with someone or to live your very best life. I am also interested in telling you what exactly I think that person u are asking about really is. A leech is also simply someone who tries to suck the reader's energy by refusing to listen to what they think is 'bad news'' and by endlessly interrupting and arguing non stop with the reader. As I mentioned above, I am extremely honest and what I normally say to you would be what is best for you and if any clients or potential clients cannot accept any news but 'good' news, I will absolutely not want to talk to you or work with you. I normally can sense what you are about the moment u say hello to me and ask your questions, so if u see me clicking you off, it is a sign I do not want to work with you. This is not intended to be rude or malicious. Having worked here for years, I have tolerated enough experiences with ''leeches'' to finally put an end to this.

Thank you

Experience & Qualifications

Natural born clairaudient and clairvoyant. Known my gifts since I was young. Studied and graduated from Arthur Findlay College in England from 2008 to 2010. Courses I took were ''Trance mediumship Level III, Mediumship, mysticism and prophecy Level III and Journey of the Soul''