About My Services

I do Psychic readings, tarot reading and assist in a metaphysical way intuitively, showing you your true soul path free from all emotional blocks. Dreaming a lot? Let me analyze your dreams, dreams are the most underrated tools that we have within us. Perhaps your Pet has passed on or is sick, let me connect with them and help give you guidance to understand them. Do you have a loved one that has passed on, let me help you connect with them. Are you feeling worried about where you put that very important document, let me remotely view where it is and also help you clear your home from where I am, in the spirit world distance is no object, and the connection is immediate and i can pick up on you . Perhaps you would like a digital drawing of the deceased or your unique Spirit guide. Time to clear those old beliefs and past life issues, clear your karmic timelines or look into why you are stuck. Showing you how to see your unique Truth, knowing who you are and what your True Potential is. Bringing a balance and turn your life around, overcome all emotional blocks, fears that stand in your way. Learn to gain focus, feel whole and happy. Improve your life, unlock your destiny, walk on the path you were meant to, to overcome old belief systems and to break old cycles. Your Life Path is unique to you just like a finger print, this is the journey within your heart, to become heart centered and that is where creation takes place. Learn to be patient and loving towards yourself, Healing starts here. We ask advice on where we can do to change ourselves for the better, instead of expecting it to do the work for us. While I don’t believe you need any special magic powers to be able to read the tarot, sometimes it takes a stranger, a third party, to relay these messages to you for it to really sink in. After all, we struggle to take our own advice, even if the cards in our hands were what gave it to us. Universally remap your entire life with a Mantra the power to create is in the words you speak. Celebrate your humanity knowing that you are protected guided and your path is cleared.

Experience & Qualifications

Over 16 years of Experience in Psychic Spiritual Emotional Counseling Clairvoyance Clair audience Clair-sentience Psychometry Shamanism Remote Animal Healing and Communication, Clearing of Houses Remote Healing Remote Viewing Mediumship – Connect with loved ones after they have passed on Tarot Readings Dream Interpretations Spirit guide digital drawing Metaphysical Alchemist


Tarot Reading, certification in Emotional Frequency Technique, Microsoft Technology certification