About My Services

Welcome! I’m Fi, an angel therapist and reader. I am here to help you communicate with your angels; you may ask any question you like to get clarity and direction. Please read my profile before hiring to get a better understanding of how we can work together and please remember to rate my services as this is what keeps me going and motivates me. I’m here to get answers for you and then pass it on to you: while doing this I aim to provide accurate messages in detail to help and give you the answer you need to know in order to move forward or make decisions accordingly. I give out what I get with no additional information of my own making. I respect and welcome all spiritual paths’ believes and life styles and have a non-judgmental approach so please feel free to ask me anything! If I'm not online for some reason feel free to send me a message, I will be happy to come online or set an appointment that works best for you. Your reading: I will not ask you any questions in addition to what you are willing to tell me. Before you hire me I will try and establish a connection to give you the feeling that we are connected so that you know what you are paying for! The aim of your reading is to give the current situation, ask and see what needs to be or can be done and empower you with reassurance from your angel guides to take the right action towards your desired outcome. When there is a will, there is a way! Before we start, I want to make something clear. If you are finding the angelic realm hard to believe i want you to approach this as a scientific research; say this was a research done by a scientist, you would still read and test it before deciding. So if, you are not sure of the messages you are getting or not sure about the existence of angels please approach our readings as research done for your happiness and embrace as much as you can allow yourself. Please remember that I and the angels as well as you will be working together as one. I tell what I get and it may not always be what you want to hear but we say it for your well being. In addition to your specific questions I can help you with the following on a larger scale. As my Client you can get answers for the following areas: Understanding what exactly are the angels, what they can and cannot do for you, when is it the time to help angels to help you: hearing, asking for help and experiencing their interference in forms of miracles Signs of Angels: How do they communicate with you? What do a certain sign mean? Hearing and seeing angels, is this something you are making up or is it a real message from your angels? Angels and the aim of your life Past life and Angels & Your health Angels and your emotional well being & Love & Relationships Angels and past life healing Protecting yourself and your loved ones Protecting your energy field ethereal ties Clearing and Protecting your household Dream Analysis.

Experience & Qualifications

In my professional life I work in the physical security industry as a director and my experience as securing life's have pushed me to look further into other fields of well being. In my line of work I have experienced many miracles which have pushed me to look for an explanation and this is where my studies and practices in the angelic realm began and the more I adopted an angelic perspective in my life the more my abilities grew. I cannot say I intended to become a reader myself so this is not something I trained in school for but more of a way of living for me. I work with and attract spiritual teachers everyday as spiritual teachers to be me are the people around me Spiritual teachers are simply human beings and I am no different not a miracle but gifted in the sense of awareness and willing to share it with others on Kasamba are made based on your current situation. Please remember that you have the power to change it so nothing I get is set on stone and you have the final say on your life! Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. The client is responsible for their own decisions what so over and the reader is exempt from any liability for decisions made or actions taken by the client at any time By clicking hire, the client acknowledges responsibility for fees incurred. And you have read, understand, and agree with the above disclaimer.


BA in Business & IT - Angel Readings and Guidance Practitioner