About My Services

Past lives and intricate and complex parts of our spiritual evolution and development. Knowing of your past life is NEVER simply for the sake of knowing. All my clients have learned of why instilled and innate characteristics they have in this life time are there, such as fears, deep connections with others, inclinations to travel to places they once lived, feelings of karma effecting their presents life. They have also learned how they can cope with certain unhealed and hurt parts of themselves. Past life sessions typically are also healing and meditation sessions. If you would like to view your past life yourself that is. She can conduct these readings by chat if she channels your past life, and by phone if you would like to view it yourself. In viewing it yourself, you will be relaxed and she will explain the method in which you must go into meditation. **NOTE** You must be with a Master Spiritualist when going through this intense of a past life session as it Reader Tiffany will serve as your guide in the physical world. She is here to help you live your life happier, in more peace with yourself and with less blindness to what has been. Let her help you today.

Experience & Qualifications

Conducting past life sessions for over 8 years professionally, and has been practicing for over 13 years.