About My Services

For a decade now, I have been providing Astrological Readings using Zodiac Signs, Position of Planets, Stars, Sun and Moon and providing genuine readings and making changes, resulting in positive outcomes in the lives of people who are seeking for true light and guidance. I also help people in connecting with their inner-selves, teaching them how they can maintain a successful balance of energy, communication with their partner/person of interest. Not only will I deliver accurate reading but also give the right solutions to your problems. My detailed readings are easy to understand, straight-forward and honest so that my clients can get my point and make the right decisions for themselves. Your concerns are taken with highest priority and confidentiality no matter what it deals with and I connect to my clients on a more deeper emotional level and provide them readings like none other!

Experience & Qualifications

Providing Past-Life Readings to people from many parts of the world has made me much more aware of my abilities and how things are meant to be handled to yield in best results. With the help of Astrological Chart - Zodiac Signs, Moon, Sun and Planetary’s position as well as Birth Charts, I can provide you an astounding Astrological Reading like none other. I invest significant amount of time in helping and healing my clients as well as solving their personal life issues while making sure to keep in touch with them with new updates or any changes that I see. I let them know whatever I am able to see with honesty so that they can make the best decisions for themselves while also trying the best from my end to help them as much as I possibly can. After each session, I make sure that my client leaves with clear answers, peace of mind and utmost satisfaction!


Human Geneticist, Natural-Born Psychic Reader, Certified Tarot Card Reader, and Spiritual Counsellor.