About My Services

A few years ago when I received my genealogy family reference I discovered a lot of myself in the life of my Great Grandmother and are currently writing a book about this. I have done many past life regressions with people and are here to help you learn about who you are what your lessons are and what your karmic debts maybe in this life time.

I have been reading for many years and will help you find your answers..You have choice regardless of what is said by a psychic so don't take everything as gospel in your reading but know that you can change your destiny by how you react and think in any given moment......Your spirit guides that I work with never tell you what you should do. This is your journey and it comes with the bumps of life.

Find out who in this life is likely to have been with you in a past life...Remember you have choices and I can not tell you what to do I can only give you guidance the rest is up to you.

Make sure you give your reading a chance to sink in before you decide whether I was right or not and also be open minded to the things I have said...Life may be a certain way right now but anything can change your life in a moment so remain open to all suggestions

Experience & Qualifications

My experience in this field goes back nearly 2 decades and I have been working as a professional reader for 10 of these. A Tarot Reader and teacher and group facilitator I pride myself on giving you honest reading using all my gifts including my knowledge of Numerology


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher.

New Zealand Diploma in Counseling



2nd attuned Reiki Healer

And Dream Analyzer