About My Services

My earliest spiritual truth was knowing I had lived before. Past lives can provide insight into who you are, your patterns and what will likely unfold in this life as well as things to avoid. Past life readings will help you know yourself better and the ones in your life.

I am a multi-generational psychic medium with over a decade of experience. I provide evidential mediumship for those who want to communicate with their deceased loved ones. I also provide accurate psychic readings for love life, job life, home life and spirituality. I primarily use no tools but can also use Tarot, Tasseomancy, Pendulums and Crystals.

Experience & Qualifications

-62 week spiritual development mentorship - Meditation training - Past life books - Attended and hosted past life regression gatherings - three courses on reincarnation and past lives - Akasha Records training


Dolores Cannon's QHHT past life/regression training certification for level 1.