Peter Doswell

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Spirituality & Religion



" Absolutely stunning in his accuracy " - " I can't believe how amazing he is. I recommend him to everyone " - I am a direct and fast, straight to the point, evidential psychic medium. Get the truth exposed, that you can often verify and recognize within minutes. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a psychic eyewitness, gifted visionary, clairvoyant and evidential spiritualist medium. I will give you on target, precise and matter-of-fact, straight-out answers within minutes. I will also confirm and verify details and events with you very fast, so please take notes.

Experience & Qualifications

An awareness of my psychic and mediumship abilities, were revealed to me as a young child. It was later however, in my teenage years that I would go on to develop a better recognition, understanding and ability to use them. By the time my teenage years were coming to an end, the provision of psychic readings and mediumship, had become a natural way of life. I have delivered tens of thousands of readings, by telephone and online, for clients, from all around the world, including numerous celebrities, and well known figures. I have demonstrated my work on the radio, and television. I have served as a medium in spiritualist centers and churches all over my own country. I am an ordained minister. I have worked in the psychic development, tuition and mentoring of many students. I am also a published author of several books.