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Tiffany specializes in love and relationships, she has been helping clients repair relationships for over 10 years! Specializing in all matters of the heart, Tiffany dives into your energy by putting herself in your emotions and feeling everything that you are, this helps accurate reading. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I specialize in all matters of the heart, even though Love and Relationships are my specialties I also help in, Career, Business, Finance, Family, Friendships, Education or Any Opportunity that is coming in… Giving people advice helping them to reach the path and goal they are meant to have, By using my energies I can feel what you feel I can go through your feelings as well as see your future by doing this I’ll be giving you the most accurate reading possible…

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 10 years of experience giving readings professional, I have had this gift ever since I was a young girl.. I am a license and certified Psychic in Huntington Beach Ca, I am a proud owner of my own business (Chakra Workshop) .. I have studied the Arts of chakras, The seven different energies that surround our Aura.


I am a Licensed and Certified Psychic in Huntington Beach California