About My Services

Through only a picture I can be able to recieve a vision.When I see a picture it is like a wave of energies washing over me.I am able to retrieve information such as if two people are meant to be together.Peoples emotions and feelings.The color of auras and what certain people are intended for. Relationships can be difficult.Sometime people need direction.That is why I'm here.To guide you to the right one for you.I can tell you who is more compatable.when you will find this person,if you already know this person,and more.I give readings of all sorts,and i am going to let you know about all the things you are not sure or worried about.Love specialist and past-life regression advisor.I offer the usual of TAROT,CRYSTAL,and PSYCHIC READINGS,but also a wide range of unique readings from all over the world.PSYCHE,READING OF A THOUSAND TEARS,KARMA & AURA,BUDDHIST DREAM INTERPRETATION.

Experience & Qualifications

"I have been predicting and advising since I was seven.I started advising professionally at eleven in my mother's reading shop in Los Angeles.I have been recruited by many others since then.For nine years I've traveled learning new sources for divination,and have helped countless others with my god given gift to direct the feet of those whom search."