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Picture Readings



I am Natural born psychic with real powers here to guide you in every situation, stop wondering and contact me now to get detailed answers without any sugar coat,fast typist. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have been gifted the ability to tap into ones inner consciousness to reveal the truths hidden behind our own defenses. I can reveal to you what you cannot see on your own. Basically need to know the first name of the person, I need to know your first name and your questions that you would like to know.I can tell you whether a person has true feelings for you, whether they are lying, hiding, etc. If there is white mark on the picture or blurs I can tell you what they are and what they mean. I will provide insight on picture through live chat and email reading. You can be ready with picture to upload on live chat or attach in an email here and send it to me to get detailed insight.

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked professionally in other field for 5 years and started helping people through my intuitive powers and abilities from 7 years and now here to guide everyone on right path and to get their love back to get good advice in career.


Reiki Healer, Spiritual clairvoyant, Spell caster, Tarot reader.