Mystical Moon Goddess

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Picture Readings



Empathic Psychic Sensitive. I can connect with a persons energy simply by looking at picture I can share with you any and all information you wish to know about yourself or anyone else you wish for me to look at. Compassionate and informative. Other Specialties  
About My Services

By looking at you or a picture of someone else, I can share any information you wish to know. Just ask away! I use first my intuition and guides and if need be I will do a tarot reading for confirmation & deeper insight but normally with a picture i go right in and get connected right away with out any tools only my God given gifts of insight and intuition.

Experience & Qualifications

Psychic sensitive, empathic seer. Studied all things metaphysical for over 20 years. Compassionate and very devoted to what I do. I would tell people about themselves and those they love by just looking at them at a very young age.