About My Services

Tiffany can see your aura, give me a clarity on the colors and energies that surround you… Surrounding your aura is your chakras! Tiffany will give you a clarity on your chakras and if there is any unbalanced chakras that need time and attention! There are seven different energies surrounding your aura called chakras, your chakras have a big affect on your every day life… Connect with Tiffany now for more insight.

Experience & Qualifications

Most clients that come to Tiffany have a chakra unbalance without being aware, this creates a negative energy towards love and relationships, it could affect your career and affect how you're working and so much more, Tiffany has helped multiple clients by giving them advice on how to cleanse and balance chakras, as this can be affecting you in your life without you having any awareness.


I am a licensed and certified psychic.