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Aura Reading



I will give you a detailed analysis of your aura, giving you the aura color and explaining how it represents your personality, present and future. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Your aura is more than just a color. It is a great representation of your mindset and personality. I will help you understand your strengths and discover your personality blind spots through your Aura Reading. Your aura is unique to you and I will help get clarity through it. I will also help you understand the energy attracted to you by understanding your aura and how to push away negativity. The universe is dynamic and shifts powers from one person to another, I will help you understand your aura and use your inner powers in a way that will attract positivity.

Experience & Qualifications

I have helped many people turn their lives around just by understanding their aura and knowing how to utilize their strengths and apply them in the right direction. I have also helped many people channel their energies in a positive way to get an open and clear mindset.


I am naturally blessed since birth. In addition, I have 20+ years of practical experience.