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Aura Reading



** NEW on Kasamba ** My psychic vision allows me to see auras and energies around the people, which I use to help them find more balance in life and love. Other Specialties  
About My Services
I will psychically sense what colors your aura and chakras have and if need be, suggest how to bring the chakras into balance as well as how to raise your auras vibration. When auras are cloudy that means there is an aspect of yourself that needs clarity. If they are static, then there is too much thinking about negativity. What does your aura say about you? Lets chat!

Experience & Qualifications

I have always been able to sense auras and peoples energy. I formally studied auras, chakras and energy healing while I was studying for the Wiccan priesthood under High Priestess, Lady June. Master Psychic and Medium Alex Palermo also taught me about 'light workers' or energy healers, and I both attended and chaired our weekly Healing Circle at the Original Tremont Tearoom in Boston. What does your aura say about you? Lets chat!