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Let's look beyond the deepest depths of you to find what your heart has been most searching for! I can communicate with the part of your mind and soul that is most difficult to see! May you find comfort, hope, and peace in each new day, and may your journey lead you to a new place of healing! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Send me a message if you wish to schedule an appointment if you do not see me available! I do live chat and offer email readings as well! My Spirit Guides will allow me to see into your past, present, and future to help you have a better understanding of what lies ahead. Let's explore a deeper explanation and put the pieces together! Sometimes we have to look at the past to deal with the future and sometimes we have to look into the future to understand our past. Both with help you with your present self.

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Thank you for visiting my page! I do please ask that you look at my full profile for all the services I provide. This may help you narrow down what category best fits your needs. I appreciate any and all feedback and kindly ask for your patience and grace in returning a response to your inquiries. May your Guiding Light come forth and bring you the answers you are looking for <3 :)


Psychology Major Spiritual Advisor Guidance Counselor Life Coach