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I am a 3rd generation born psychic, I can connect quickly connect with your situation and energies and let you know what holds in your coming future times and give you a brief Map of he life events. I'm a professional Astrologer, Psychic & Tarot Card Reader, I am gifted reader and use my intuition and divine gifts to offer guidance and advice to all people around. Other Specialties  
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I am the 3rd generation Psychic in my family and I have this ability by birth. At a very young age I relies this power and start using it to help the needy people around me and my family. As the passage of time I become expert in these abilities and become a master in using it in different situations. At this time, I can connect any body's energies to forecast the upcoming events. Specially in the domain of Love & Relationships, Carrier forecast, Financial investment, Nature of a person, Intensions of person, I can read the feeling and emotions inside the Heart and Mind of a person. I am also a certified Vedic Astrologer. This Vedic Astrology will be an added skill to my natural God gifted Psychic abilities. Astrology helps me in many ways, specially to predict the accurate time line for the upcoming events. As you know that, the Vedic Astrology will predict more accurately compare to the Western Astrology, because it is based on Dashas (positions and direction) and these Dashas are based on the positions of planets in the fixed zodiac, this makes Vedic astrology more accurate something very special in its nature and much more accurate. My goal is to help as many people as possible using my gifted Psychic skills. I believe in positivity and always kept my approach positive and did not get dishearten in any tough situation at any point in time. Constantly working in the positive direction and will not lose hope at any point. I have the ability to perform much better in pressure. From past 8 years working as a professional and help out more then 1000's of clients and my utmost Goal is the client satisfaction.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years of experience using intuitive abilities and divination to assist clients. I have very vast experience in solving relationship issues and I guide them to work out and fix the issues between the couples. I have been using tarot for more then 8 years. I have experience in Tarot, Picture Reading, Psychic Reading, Astrology & Birth Charts. You will get all your answers related to Love and Relationship, Professional Work & General Reading.


Masters in Astro & Occult Sciences