Mystical Moon Goddess

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Crystal Reading



Being highly empathetic I have the ability to feel a persons energy. With my love & knowledge of Crystals I help people through the use of Crystals. I share which crystals would best help them. Crystals have metaphysical powers that have the ability to heal, protect, manifest & transform energy. See how they can help you! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Whether you need Advice, Answers, energy protection, or just want to talk I can and will help you. I've made a lifetime study of all things spiritual & metaphysical..


With every reading you will receive a meditation card designed for your own personal use. I have been told on many occasions that i help bring great Healing and Energy into peoples lives. I want to help draw positive ENERGY into your life so that you can begin attracting that which you desire in your Personal, Financial and or Emotional life. Hope to hear from you! Many Blessings of Health & Happiness ALWAYS

Experience & Qualifications

Born with my psychic and mediumship abilities. Psychic, Have helped thousands find healing and comfort through the use of Crystals, Gift of Insight and Compassion. I've studied Astrology, Numerology and read Tarot for nearly 25 yrs. Aromatherapist for 15yrs Remote viewer & most of all love what I do, helping people.


3rd Generation Sensitive Psychic Intuitive~Answers any questions you may have with great detail & honesty~Contact me with an Open Heart and Mind~20 yrs exp~Blessings~


Cosmetologist Guidance Adviser Crystal healing counselor