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** Accurate, Insightful, Clarifying ** Professional trained psychic tarot reader 26 years experience with psychic and visionary skills including spiritual guidance on The Law of Attraction. I also tune into your Soul & true guides. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I’m an experienced international psychic and tarot card reader, with over 26 years of reading for people. I’m known for my uncanny accuracy, insight and strategies that get results. My psychic abilities started showing up early in my life as a preteen I was always having visions of future happenings. These abilities run in my family. I went on to do professional development of these skills and learn the tarot. I work with the Voyager Tarot Deck as I find it the perfect companion for psychic readings to both open up vision as well as provide a tool for accuracy. I have specialties in life coaching, life challenges, life purpose, career and business, investment insight, finding your soulmate, relationships and spiritual guidance, removing limiting beliefs, curses and negative energies. I’ve helped navigate people from all walks of life and cultures in many different areas. From helping you know what’s going on behind the scenes so you can navigate your way through difficult decisions, to coming up with strategies on how to reach the goals and outcomes you want, my international experience and visionary capacity helps me see what’s going on in a variety of situations. My third eye expanded and become wide open to vision when I was young, so I’ve always had the gift of vision. Over the years of running my own businesses and helping people over a wide range of industries and life situations I have increased my third eye capacities and can integrate that in a practical sense for a better life on earth. I can also tap into your spiritual guides and help you bring in new ones that are better suited to you, if you’re current guides are misleading you. I believe that you should never tell anyone extreme negative predictions because it is true that we create our own reality. While there is fate and destiny, there is also your ability to create a different outcome because you’re a creator. So, when I do my readings, I’m able to accurately help you determine what is fate and destiny so we can look at what your life lessons are. And what is up to you to create, and how to do that, so you get the outcome you want. I am not an entertainer psychic out to prove anything. I’m here to be truly helpful in guiding you to the clarity you need, the strategies that will help you reach your goals, and the insight you’re looking for, to help you with your personal and spiritual growth.

Experience & Qualifications

30 Years Professional Psychic, Tarot Card Reader Diploma, Business Owner, Career and Business Strategy Advisor For Over 20 Years, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, International Psychic Experience, Energy Clearing Practitioner, Speaker


BA-5 Arts