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A reading from an experienced Aura Researcher 37 years as a Psychic & Mystic. Three Readings in One!
Due to an hand injury. Please consider a phone reading.
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A psychic reading tells us where we are going, a Mystic Reading tells us how to change directions. A Reading could include a message from your higher self, your guardian angels, a deceased loved one, it’s even possible that a beloved pet may have important information for you. Until now it was a hard decision on which type of reading to get. Getting a reading from Dr. Dave takes the challenge out of this decision, you could get a little bit of everything or a lot of one thing. Your Guides decide which area to focus on, after all you are the one that has been asking for help. Never before has a reading been as effective as this is. Often your Guides will plant a seed, when you are ready the next step comes forth.

Experience & Qualifications

When I was six, my mother was busy pulling weeds when I asked her why the plants didn’t scream when they were pulled from the ground. She was surprised by the question and also curious enough to explore it further. My mother was one of the original members of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Edgar Cayce’s Research Foundation, fortunate to have an upbringing which included spiritual elements and child raising techniques that were developed by the A.R.E. I was, in fact, one of the first, an original “Cayce Kids,” guided by the suggestions of the incomparable psychic. Through I was born with many natural abilities, they weren’t enough to satisfy my need to understand all I could about the magical world in which we live. Through my journey began with an unquenchable thirst for magic, I was still hungry for the metaphysics and feasted on all the knowledge I could get my hands on. In my studies, I became Internationally Board Certified as a Bio Feedback Therapist with certification for vibrational medicine, a Louise L. Hay Certification for teacher and instructor for healing the inner child, a Certified Magnified Healing® Instructor & Practitioner, and expert at working with Light Bodies Energy®, an unparalleled mystic reader, an expert in the field of aura energy, a professional aura photographer. With such impressive qualifications, it’s no wonder that I have accomplished miracles in helping clients to change their lives. Experience In 1995, after graduating school, I entered the psychic arena as an aura photographer and researcher. Throughout the Midwestern United States, I have snapped thousands of aura photographs at psychic/health fairs and helped individuals to begin their healing process. My natural abilities and the experience I have gained in my earlier work and studies prepared me well for a successful career as a psychic advisor. In addition to my work as a psychic, dream interpreter, mystic and aura reader and relationship guide, I am also a teacher and I have lectured internationally on many metaphysical subjects. I enjoy helping others to open up to their hidden talents and looks forward to the experience of reaching an even wider base of clients. I find no greater joy than to use my gifts to help people realize their full potential.


Doctorate in Metaphysics, Louise L. Hay Certification for teacher and instructor for healing the Inner Child, Certified Instructor and practitioner for Magnified Healing. Attunements for working with Light Bodies Energy and Mystic readings. Aura and energy researcher. Member and Executive Director of the Association for professional healing services of Wisconsin. Certified Dream Interpreter, School of Metaphysics