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About My Services

Have questions about work, love , money? Let me tell you all you need to know. I am able to tap into others thoughts and feelings. I can tell you what path is best to take to help you reach any goal. I am clear, honest.. (If you do not really want to know, then don't ask.) and very precise. I am a natural born empathic intuitive who works with my guides ( my guidance system) and at times loved ones from the other side. I can also tell you who your guides are , and let you know what they have been TRYING to tell you. Have questions about work, love , money? Your guides and mine will tell you what you need to know. I can show you how to attract all that you desire in your life, right now. Whatever you seek, our guides will have the answer. Take this journey with me, and see what's waiting for you! It is important to know that the business of prediction is a very hard ball to pitch. There is a Universal Law of Free Will that is with all of us. When a prediction is made, it is based on the energy around that situation at that exact moment in time. If the energy stays the exact same, then the prediction may come to pass in the way predicted, however... should the energy shift in any way by other influences, then the prediction may not come to pass. We all have choices, and our guides are here to help us with the best path to take for our souls purpose. Knowing the past is simple, it is what it is and cannot be changed, however our future is not so set in stone, the choice is always our own, our guidance system is put in place to do just that, guide you but they will never interfere with Free Will and it is with this in mind that I do our sessions. I will not make any predictions, nor give specific time frames, but instead will help give you the best possible guidance to help you achieve your goals

Experience & Qualifications

20 years reading for family, friends and clients. I also host workshops in my community helping people realize their full potential. As well as how to get in touch with their own Intuitive abilities. I believe everyone has them.. we just have to bring them out again. I also have workshops to help people learn all about their Chakra systems.


Reiki Level II~ Touch for Health