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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewer, Empath, Diviner, Astrologer, Dream Analyst, Relationship Coach. Other Specialties  
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• Clairvoyant • Clairaudient • Claircognizant • Clairsentient • Remote viewer • Medium • Astral traveler • Diviner • Seer • Esoterist • Astrologer • Dream interpreter • Psychologist • Relationship coach • Life coach • Chakra reader/healer • Spiritual advisor Psychic insight with no tools (Astral Readings) or various divination methods: - Tarot, Lenormand and Cartomancy master reader - Oracle cards and various oracles - Runes - Pendulum (yes/no only) - I Ching - Numerology - Tasseography - Palmistry - Astrology - Qabalah - Dreams, symbols and archetypes Astral readings. I use no cards or other external tools. Clairvoyance and remote viewing are my most spontaneous gifts so far. Upon receiving your questions, I experience a channeled 3rd degree trance state and I usually see complex or symbolic images or sequences, hear, sense, feel or “know” your message; I will describe what I see or sense and give my interpretation. An astral reading takes about 2 times longer than a normal divination tools reading, it’s slower, because of the immense energy, trance state and focus involved. Divination readings. They also happen in a semi-trance state, while touching and shuffling the tools I am guided by flashes of colored astral light (3rd eye vision) or higher temperature/frequency around the correct cards/runes and this is how I pick them. It is magical. There is intense psychic channeling with tools and I often also see, hear, sense mental images as well, or the energy/feelings around the question. My passion is decoding imagery and messages by means of tools, especially Tarot and Lenormand. The message comes faster, they form sentences with multiple meanings, accurate, rich and complex with one draw, and there is always a mental challenge and awe in reading them. It is also my passion to share the archetypal imagery and symbolism of divination tools with you, they are universal human heritage full of beauty and spirituality, and I also know you can gain additional insight and spiritual advancement by studying those symbols further by yourself. I have studied most of the above divination methods since childhood. I was born with psychic gifts and they exploded during a specific time in my life, followed by a vision quest. No background readings. I can do readings with no background at all. But this requires additional time and energy from me. When I don't have background, I usually see the past/present first. The reason you give background is to make your reading focused on what you don't know, for you to gain more insight and new information, and to have more accuracy on specific questions, which always happens when the background story is known. If you are looking for a faster question-focused reading, give honest and specific background. But if you want a reading with no background at all, let me know and I will just tell you what I pick off the situation, from past/present/future. Be advised such a reading takes longer, I will first see the background myself. Please specify during Introductory Chat the reading method you prefer. IMPORTANT - All personal data and everything we discuss is strictly confidential. - You are responsible for your own decisions; esoteric readings are for insight and guidance purposes only. We are all creators of our own future. - Timings are estimates. They are the biggest challenge for a reader, hard to pin down, sometimes I get just a number, such as 25, which could mean 25th, 25 days, weeks, months or years, and only intuition makes a choice. The reason I do timings is not for you to enter a passive waiting stance or to have deadline expectations, but because they are an interesting challenge for any psychic. Things always happen in their right time anyway. - Don't ask about the same matter before the prediction unfolds. - My main reason for offering readings and accessing and sharing these gifts is to offer guidance, as it has been shown to me.

Experience & Qualifications

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Remote viewer, Psychologist, Dream interpreter, Relationship and Life Coach, Astrologer, Diviner, Card Reader (specialty: Tarot and Lenormand) Extensive knowledge of divination arts and esoteric codes, myths, symbols, archetypes. More than 15 years experience with using various tools for counseling people, spiritual and practical advice. Seer, psychic, astrologer and advisor.


M.S. in Psychology, M.A. in Fine Arts