About My Services

Key Skills :

  • 4th generation gifted clairvoyance
  • Ranked in top 15 psychic reader
  • Ranked 1st in Vedic astrology reading
  • Successful 13+ years at Kasamba Platform
  • 18750+ clients reviews & feedback
  • Over 80,000 successful readings
  • Over 21 years experiences of professional readings 
  • Communicate with Angels and Spirit guides 
  • Direct/spot on Answers 
  • Psychic reading & Healing 
  • Reunited thousands of couples 
  • Astrology, Tarot cards, Numerology & Horary reader
  • Past life Regression, Phobia & Dreams Interpretation 
  • 16 charts reading in Vedic astrology
  • Love Relationship, marriage issues
  • Career, Money, Business & Job Promotion
  • Pet psychic and pet health
  • Negative energy sensor and cleanser 
  • Aura, Crystal, Colour & Chakra healing
  • Spiritual Guide - Mentor 
  • NLP & Angelic Healing Practitioner 

Experience & Qualifications

Hi welcome to my page, myself Indi a gifted psychic since birth. I can connect with your surrounding energy (negative or positive) , recognition lights & vibes with my sixth senses and powers of cosmic energy . I can communicate with spirits and angels . Your reading with me will be to the point and completely truthful. I can sense your channeling energy ,Aura, Halo, Energy balance ( Negative & Positive) and would be able to uplift you from your current situation from my reading / session . I can do medium and connect with deceased people. I can find blocks , obstacles of your life pinpoint exact issues of life and help in resolving those . I am expert in distance healing , energy transmission , prayers , light session and also do free gifted prayer on new moon and full moon . Specific Experience : Personal life – Love, Dating, Affair, Relationship, External love, Office love affair, Reunion, Break up, Soul mate readings, Twin flames connection, Marriage, Kids, Pregnancy issues etc. Career life – Job Prospective, New position, Change Location, Change Employer, Promotion, Conflicts, Office Politics, Colleague issue, Uncomfortable work environment etc Money life – Financial crisis, Dues, Owed Money, Salary Rise in Job, Sudden gains, Bank loans, Mortgage issue, Houses purchase etc. Healing – Negative or bad energy influence, Magic, Witch influence, Bad spirit energy etc Session /reading :I am fast typist in live chat session, use direct/ spot on answers. I offer honest and to the point solutions to my client’s problems. I have assisted thousands of people from all over the world to a better love relationship dating, affair, external love, office love affair, reunion, break up, soul mate readings, twin flames connection, marriage, kids, pregnancy issues etc.


I am 4th generation gifted clairvoyance in my family .I have natural clairvoyant ability since childhood and have done thousands of reading for people from all over the world since more than 21 years . My clients are from USA , Australia ,UK ,India………. I am trained in Crystal healing, Aura healing, Psychic Healing & Reading, Connection with Angels & Family Spirit, Spirit Connection, Ghost Connection, Radio Spirit, Techno Spirit, Marine Spirit Connection, Toys and Wood Spirit, Distance Healing Connection & Transmission of Energy, Colors Healing, Tarot Cards , Numerology, Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Gems/Birth Stones Healing, Horary under guidance of many Indian guru since my 9th year of age. I am member of ‘’INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THERAPIST’’ I am a spiritual mentor in Hindu prayers and devotee to Hindu Goddess Kali, Baglamukhi & Tripur Sundri, follower of Das Mahavidya. I have achieved Masters in Business Administration, Gold Medal in Horary, Jyotish Shree in Astrology, Honor of Astrology and Jyotish Siromani.