About My Services

Hello there! I would love to help you on a path to really release and detox any kind of grief, guilt, pain, hurt Etc when it comes to people who have passed on... How it works? All I need is this person's full name, date of birth and I'll be able to tap in on their energy... If they are willing I will be able to communicate to them exactly what you may need to hear! I'm clairaudient and Clairvoyant... So I'll be able to hear and feel what they are going through and what they want to say... The problem is is with the forcefield of communicating with someone who have passed away, I have to get their confirmation! It has to be confirmed that this person is someone you loved and cared for before... Meaning this has to be a family member / friend or someone that was very close to you... This person has to walk the communicates you as well! It has to be a mirrored emotional connection!

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 10 years of experience giving readings professional.. With just the help of date of birth and a full name... I'll be able to connect to those around us who are no longer living... As I am a medium... I have always seen and felt others who have passed on ever since the age of 2 years old... I have seen sense and felt my great-grandparents without even knowing who they was at the age of two... Starting to communicate them at the age of four... And therefore I have always been studying my gift to help others get in touch with loved ones who have passed away..


I am a Licensed and Certified Psychic in Huntington Beach California