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Diviner, clairvoyant, psychic, tarot reader and tarot teacher we are here to support you on your journey of self-mastery and in how to unlock your greatest spiritual, vibrational and manifesting potential. Other Specialties  
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Welcome to our wonderful page on this fun and exciting platform. Eye Love Magic works with a powerful and loving spirit guide named Sophia. Sophia's name means wisdom and can be understood as the mother of the light. We help assist you through any question you may have and in the understanding of how it relates and creates in your life. This is also a door to opening up to your greatest potential as a soul. The more light in ones life, the more easily and harmoniously we can create that which we desire. Abundance, Joy, and Love

Experience & Qualifications

I have been offering professional readings for over 27 years now and have read for over 9000 people. I design and produce tarot decks and teach tarot. I practice the healing arts and offer professional divination. I love the magic, math, science, and physics of energy and consciousness, which the tarot embraces. Vibration, pattern and form are most interesting to me. Divination is like a reflection of the soul so as we are talking to you we see the patterns and wonderful designs of your soul and your souls creation. The ideal reading is one hour and is life changing. Give yourself time to fully process and understand all that is offered and take time after each reading to assimilate and reflect. Ideally have a pad and pen ready, a glass of water, and be prepared to phrase your first question starting with I feel. A note about the reviews: Thank you for all who have left a review but of the more than 690 clients we have here on Kasamba only 24 have, so far, left a review. Most of our clients are regular and come for ongoing support and detailed readings. We love our regular clients and we are here to support them fully. We also welcome any new clients to the table of this work and wisdom, open armed. Most readings are an hour in length and allow for in depth understanding and thorough explanation of the situation and questions asked. We aim for a five star rating every time. Regarding the two four star ratings to the left, these where only a 9 minute paid reading each; this is not really enough time to understand, process and heal layered relationships and in depth questions. We advise to be gentle with the process and to not place pressure on the self in attempting to understand, figure out and heal major life dynamics and issues in such a short time frame. That said we understand some people desire a quick overview of situations, which we are happy to provide. If the time frame for the reading desired with us is 15 minutes or under, please mention that you would like a Quick Overview or the Bullet Points of the situation and we will break it down as simply and as fast as possible for you. We encourage a cultivating approach to relationships and life issues on this wonderful road to self-mastery. In addition we work best with people ready to get into the consciousness that they create their life and how to best live this life purpose. We are all about true self-empowerment, magic, wisdom and expanding consciousness. Bless you -EYE LOVE MAGIC