About My Services

For many years my connection with the spirit world came to me spontaneously. Never did I take it for granted. Now, my work has become my way of life. My physical mind is concerned with daily details like any human being, but I never forget that I have a spirit mind. It is the latter which I desire to bring to a superior state.

When alone and in silence, I dwell in the world of the unseen and seek to establish a close affinity with Spirit and live by a code of true values.

Today my gift is to see, feel, listen, and talk with spirits using a very different set of senses than most people.

For me communication with the afterlife is a life-affirming event. It reminds me over and over that we are not humans having a spiritual experience: We are spirits having a human experience.

Experience & Qualifications

As a psychic medium, author and therapist, I have helped thousands of people with my uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the Other Side.

I have exhibited psychic abilities from an extremely early age and I have also been receiving from Spirits from a young age.

I have been developing the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience and the ability to work as a medium , for over 40 years.

I now enjoy bringing comfort to those in need by connecting them with their ancestors, loved ones, and also their spirit guides.

I am very blessed to be able to receive external validation from my clients when I receive messages from their loved ones. Clients’ deceased relatives frequently relate details to me that I have no other way of knowing and often that they themselves need to speak with other family members to confirm. My initial experiences with clients totally amazed and awed me.

Unlike many other mediums that are shown symbols, spirit friends simply speak with me. It is either like having a conversation in person or talking with someone on the telephone. Usually, they will tell me about their lives and then give me a message for my client. Sometimes, they do show me scenes and I will hear names. It is marvelous to me how such messages from the other side can cause positive changes in those who receive them.

From my experience I find out that those who have crossed over are most often essentially the same on the other side as they were when they were incarnate on this plane of existence. To date, I have not met anyone who has become an angel or a saint by virtue of passing! Frequently those in spirit gain much insight and a broader perspective than they had when they were here. However, the spirit friends I have met are very concerned about their loved ones who are still on the Earth plane and wish to help them.

If all of this sounds like what you are searching for, I look forward to working together with you whenever you are ready.


Try to put your mind at ease and relax. This creates a better atmosphere for the reading and makes it easier for Spirits to make contact.

Let me proceed at my own pace and manner. Don’t expect your most pressing problems to be discussed at once.

Arguing or wanting things done your way makes it difficult for me to function effectively and may lead to failure.

Please reply by a clear YES or NO. Do not give more information that I ask for. It is my job to tell you what your loved ones are saying. It is your job to recognize the evidence hat comes through.

Spirit provides evidence of identity in many ways. It can be by name, description, incidents, relationships, etc.

Let me know when I am correct. Don’t attempt to confuse me. Be fair.

Something may make more sense by the end of the reading, or the understanding of the message may come at a later time, after you have had a chance to think about it. Don’t be quick to say “no” to what is given.

The true success of a reading is not always measured by prophecy but by the guidance it provides. Prediction is possible, but you have the power to change coming events.

Remember: Mediumship is not fortune telling.


Certified psychotherpist and certified in various alternative therapies and in mysticism