Mystical Moon Goddess

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Psychic Mediums



I connect with loved ones who have crossed over. I share messages with those still living to help uplift, inspire and bring happiness into peoples lives. Sometimes we just need to know our loved ones are still around us. No birth date needed, I'm a psychic medium who connects quickly so have pen and paper ready! Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am able to connect with those who have crossed over and share with their loved ones answer, insight and advice and messages of whatever questions they may have. With every reading you will receive a tarot meditation designed for your own personal use. Whatever card turns over I will type out to you. I have been told on many occasions that i help bring uplifting energy into peoples lives. I have an upbeat, compassionate personality. I can see who you were in a past life and how it effects your present life. I can share obstacles i see in your future and share I know that the love cord is what keeps us connected to our loved ones who have crossed over and that they are always with us some have even chosen to be our guides. My goal as a Psychic Medium is to help you connect with your loved ones that are in the spiritual realm and to receive loving messages that will help uplift inspire as in doing so I feel like I'm not the only one who knows there really truly is a better place we all get to go to when our time here on earth is up. God Bless.

Experience & Qualifications

Experienced 3rd Generation Psychic Sensitive, My tools I use are my own God given gift of mediumship, compassionate, very sensitive to other peoples energy and I use Tarot and guides at times. I connect quickly with other peoples guides and loved ones.