About My Services

My gift was given to me from god. My spirits are ultra sensitive, that makes it easy for me to read others energies, this helps pick up emotions ,spirits, bodies ect... . I have a third eye, meaning I can see into your past,present and future. All of this is how I can give you the answers you need! please leave feedback, it's very helpful to others who seek my advice

Experience & Qualifications

P sychics Valentina Heart Specializing in Reaching Beyond I am a spiritualist that can connect you with the beyond. This is truly an out of this world experience. It's very important that I give you all the answers your looking for! Ever wonder if what it's like to connect to someone that isn't here anymore? Do you have questions for your loved ones that have passed away? Do you just want to see if there okay? call VALENTINA HEART right now for the experience of a lifetime!


I have 20 years expierence . Have questions? need fast answers! Hire Valentina Heart today to answer all your burning questions!