About My Services

Spirit Guided Empath & Psychic Medium


As a Medium I am able to tune into the energy of a person no longer in the physical body by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding the person being read.

As a Psychic I'm able to tune into the energy of the person I'm reading. I am able to tell you things about your past, present and future.

I am both a Psychic and a Medium. I am able to tap into the spirit energy surrounding you to communicate with both spirits who have crossed over and spirits who are still earthbound.

Psychics and mediums use their Third Eye as the gateway to higher consciousness. The Third Eye represents an extraordinary potential of perception, foresight and clairvoyance. The third eye provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

I am NOT here to tell you what you want to hear nor am I here to judge you -- I am here to help. I am compassionate but I tell the truth as I see it. No Sugar-coating!!

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Specializing In:

  • Psychic & Medium A medium has a different focus than that of a psychic. While the psychic focuses on the events and relationships of person for which a reading is being given, the medium focuses not only on the person, but on the spirit energies surrounding that person.

  • I take time to tune in and connect before beginning each session. ***PLEASE*** have your questions prepared & ready -- along with your name and date of birth (month, day AND year). I must have useful insight to share with each individual client.

    Experience & Qualifications

    I have been reading and advising for 35+ years . I come from a large family with a variety of supernatural gifts. I am a 3rd Generation, Spirit Guided Empath, & Psychic Advisor. I am also a certified Herbalist, Meditation Specialist & Reiki Master


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