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I can help you speak with your loved ones who have passed over, allowing you to speak directly with them - my clients indicate it helps give them comfort and an opportunity to seek answers to their questions. I am here for you, please do contact so we can help you find the peace and answers you are seeking Other Specialties  
About My Services

My gift allows me to connect with your loved ones and to see what they are thinking and feeling, and to guide you to help you move forwards. Through creating a direct connection with them, you are free to seek the answers to the questions that have been in your thoughts.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years experience of using my gift to guide people - please contact me so you too can experience the insights that my unique gift can bring to your life. Forming a direct connection to someone who has passed over is a unique quality, one that cant be taught and that has taken me many years to master - please now let me use this to help you <3


My gift has been passed down through generations, and as a child I would experience my mothers spiritual teachings and have learned to harness and channel my own spiritual energies to guide others as my family has for centuries