Numinous Ethan

Specializing in: 

Psychic Reading



I inherit psychic abilities from my family. I can help you resolve your situation with my spiritual guidance. You'll find me a compassionate and empathetic with great natural insight and intuition into people’s lives and problems. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a Natural graceful and Blessed perceptive Reader - Adored with Numerous Celestial Guides. My expertise is to get deep into someone's subconscious to tell you what they are thinking and what they feeling and why they act the way they do. I work by connecting to my celestial guides. I am a practical, realistic and inspirational holistic healing expert focused on helping others find balance and inner peace through lifelong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I use my spiritual and psychic abilities to solve love and relationship issues like breaking up and divorce, marital Issues, single and dating, money, and career aspects for the future. I have a very deep psychic vision and can feel things through vibrations. I understand people very well. The divine gift given by the universe is truly amazing and I will be happier to use it for the benefit of others too. I have assisted and extended my consultations to many people and they all are satisfied and blissful in their life, endeavor me once and let’s tune what your energy, and stars reveal for you! 

Experience & Qualifications

Wide experience in assisting individuals with my spiritual and psychic abilities for many years I do various kinds of spiritual advisory. I have been gifted the ability to tap into one’s inner consciousness to reveal the truths hidden behind your own defenses. I can reveal to you what you cannot see on your own. I have been doing readings for clients professionally for over 10 years. I consider myself a realistic, futuristic, and holistic reader...focusing on the Divine, the person, and the Spirit. Along with my educational background, I am a Gifted Intuitive Reader and know about things around you. 


I have a Master of Arts and Psychology- Inherited Psychic abilities, astrologer, palmist, and clairvoyant.