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It is hard to figure out what your pet is saying or trying to tell you , I can do psychic readings on your pets. I am a psychic reader. And I specialize in pets. ,And I can look into the problems of their behavior. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hello Welcome to Kasmba. I am Christina,I have been a psychic for 25 years exp. I am clairvoyant , very friendly, a good listener .and I have helped many people in the past round the world. And I have helped clients with their pet situations .Wonder what they trying to tell you?. Sometimes we come to a point.. Is my pet happy ? What is my pet trying to tell me? Do they like my partner? Will I find my lost pet? Oh and I know how much of a nightmare that can be loosing them ..Their family not just a pet . and our friends I definitely know how that feels .. When you get to that point that is why I am here for. To help you with your furry little friends . you Can call ,chat ,or send in email whatever makes you comfortable I am here for you I can help you with your question(s). I know I can help you put your mind at ease, and help you understand them much better . after you talk to me :)

Experience & Qualifications

When I was a teenager .I use to help my Aunt in her office in Los Angeles, CA. She would do readings for people, and I would help her when she had over flow with customers And I did many readings for people with palm readings , mind readings crystal ball readings , 25 yrs. exp. And I been on kasamba for nine years


I am 2nd generation pet psychic. I noticed the gift since I was 9 year old .My Aunt was a psychic reader And I use to watch her do palm readings and helped people. then I noticed helping people was my passion ..