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Are you excited to learn about the potential that lies ahead? In your psychic reading you'll receive guidance and insight regarding your past, present and future. Featured at Forbes, USA Today, OK Magazine, Hay House and many others, I'm here to uncover your true potential and answer all your questions! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Welcome! If you are reading this, it is meant and you have been brought here for a reason. Should you choose, I look forward to working with you ...

Here are a few things for you to know:

I don't use tools, nor do I require birthday or any advance information. I merely need your first name. I will take a moment to state a prayer and create a high vibration space as we begin. I work with your higher self, your Guides and the Universal knowing (Matrix, Akashic Records) to receive messages.

I work quickly and will provide you as much information as possible and in as little time as possible. You will find you are often more of a listener in a session with me as I offer all I am shown. The psychic information I receive comes to me in images, sounds and feelings. Your loved ones on the Other Side may also come forward in a session to bring you guidance and insight.

Here are some things you will receive in a session together:

A clear perspective of what's ahead regarding love, career, relationship, finances and more.
Your best next steps.
Insight regarding your past, present and future.
Details, facts and specific information regarding any aspect of your life.
These sessions are not fortune telling.
We can read your soul purpose, life calling and/or life blueprint as a means of guidance.
If you are feeling stuck, confused or are navigating an obstacle, we'll receive insight into solutions.

Experience & Qualifications

Yes, I've been busy for many, many years with all things metaphysical. Here's a snapshot of my work so you can make the best decision regarding working with me:

• Speaker, at global wellness and spirituality summits

• Featured as cover story for various international spirituality magazines

• Appearance at internationally known radio shows alongside other influential teachers in the spirituality, health, and wellness industry

• Voted "A most trusted psychic medium worldwide."

• Author and contributing writer to several spirituality publications

• Author of an award-winning psychic development book

• Host of a psychic development podcast

• Psychic Medium for organization to locate missing persons

• Certified life coach

• Certified relationship coach