About My Services

All you need to know about me.. “Psychic power is the ability to download information directly from the Universe” Have no Fear... Psychic Simmi is here! I am a woman in my 30’s with a diehard passion to showcase my profound talent. I belong to a powerful and renowned family of Psychics and Healers. In my teens, I was drawn to the mysteries of the unknown regarding life, the universe, the mind, the soul, and the presence of a higher intelligence behind our creation. I devoted my life seeking more knowledge in the mystical world and psychic abilities and began to apply in real life situations. I inherited the art from my ancestors and further perfected my intuitive gifts and techniques. I have hosted several spiritual conferences and conducted various workshops to nurture blooming talent. I have devoted my entire life to the cause and served people around the world. All you need to know about yourself... “The Universe is always speaking to us, Sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more and something better” When you find yourself on the dead end of a road and wonder which way to go, That’s when I come into picture and help you seek answers to endless questions on your mind. It is important you know what to expect from me and ask the right kind of questions. Where ever you stand in your life is purely due to every decision or choice you made without anyone else to blame period. So make peace with your PAST, Take that one step in your PRESENT and let your FUTURE be grateful to you. Questions.. Bring it on ! Who is my true soul mate? Will my ex come back? Does he/she love me? Is it time to move on? Is he/she worth my time and efforts? Will I get married/divorced? Much more… “You are confined by the walls you build yourself. Any given moment you have the power to say... My story is not going to end this way” All we can do together... “Destiny happens to you when you are busy planning something else for yourself” It’s rather easy for me to tell you things you like to hear but I give you nothing but the TRUTH whether you like it or not so please be open to answers which can change your life forever. Let’s work together to gain clarity and take the most necessary decisions which can help you heal and progress. Although, future is not set in stone and every event could be a result of free will. However, if something is meant for you and the universe is able to provide prominent signs then we shall choose the right path for you. We shall work on the imbalances and negativities around you to embrace a better future. We shall strive together to WIN! “Everyone wants Happiness, No one wants Pain, but you can’t have a Rainbow without a little Rain.”

Experience & Qualifications

Areas of Expertise Bachelor in Science, Writer, Blogger and much more… 20 years of invincible history of Healing and Guidance. I played with multiple modalities including all the chairs of clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience. Tarot Reading Crystal Reading Angel Card readings Reiki Healing Theta Healing Psychometrics Remote Viewing Parallel/Past life regression Akashic Records Hypnosis Much More… I believe in making a strong connection with all my clients and use the most necessary resource to give information for their highest good. In my session, I make specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities and natural human extensions. “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own” Please feel free to contact me via Live Chat or Email only through kasamba. Please do not share any personal contact information or expect me to serve you outside the platform provided. Email reading at sole discretion and the charges may vary depending on the request. Availability: Live Chats: Monday to Saturday (3pm to 10pm CST) Email Readings: On the Go! (At sole discretion) Note: Timings may differ due to work commitments. Disclaimer: By this way of contacting, you must be 18years of age or over. The information provided is for entertainment purposes only. This should not be used to replace any professional, financial, legal or medical advice. All my services shall be hired at your sole discretion, I cannot be held responsible for any future events or circumstances that may arise. No claims or concerns shall be entertained what so ever. You have read, understood and agree to the terms of this disclaimer.


Success Stories.. “Totally amazing. She's the light on. My life path. Cuz of the great Simmi, I am happily married today. When I first started with her, I was going thru heartaches, she totally believed love and marriage was in my future. Sure enough two years later her predictions came true and I married my best friend after a very short dating. Everything happened instantly and I can only thank Simmi.” “About two years ago Simmi had made a prediction about my marriage in year 2017, she had also told me during my first reading she sees someone very special coming into my life. I am so grateful to Simmi. When I started following the path Simmi visioned for me, things turned out to good and today I am happily married to my best friend. Simmi has always guided me through the thick and thin of life. She is the most inspirational and positive person I have ever met. She's one amazing woman. She has surprised me with her visions. There are other areas of my life where I was unsure of what to do and Simmi has always given me the right direction. She is an angel from above. Patience is powerful, brings joy. SIMMI THE GREAT.” “Simmi is awesome!!! as real as it gets and on point ! About 4 weeks ago I came to her with a crisis in my family and my relationship on the verge of a split ..she help me ..directed me ..and ensure me not to worry as she work to help my situation ..3 weeks later my man ask me to marry him ..he got me a nice ring went on his knees and ask for me to be his wife ..amazing !!”