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We often find surrounded by mysteries and experience pain at some point which triggers sensitive points but there is no denying that without this experience we as humans can not experience growth and appreciate it. It is never pleasant to be find yourself in a spot of darkness but the best of us are those who find their path leading to the light they deserve in life. Allow me to enrich u with my gifted psychic abilities to unravel the mysteries you are surrounded by. My expertise includes use of various psychic tools including cards, runes, objects, numbers to name a few. I welcome you to enter an energy exchange with me for an enriching experience which I hope will help you find your path in life. Other Specialties  
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A compassionate relationship counselor who understands the deeply rooted emotions. I can help turn around a hopeless situation into one that promises happiness. Be it a fallout in a relationship or reunion of loved ones, I can give expert guidance on dealing with the challenges of a breakup based on my insight on your person of interest while offering healing solutions for the pain and hurt you may be experiencing. I have the ability to find answers to your most burning questions (does he/she love me? is he/she faithful to me? do we have a long-term future? Is their attraction). Drop in to find out if your interest is a soul mate or twin flame and what you must do to attain a happy and successful relationship. I aim to discover your love path and romance in life by use of Tarot, Clairaudience, and Intuitive skills and help you find the happiness destined for you! Through a powerful exchange of energy, we can walk the uncertain path ahead together and find light to overcome obstacles depriving us of the love we deserve in life.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a 4th generation psychic in my family. At a very young age I realise this power and start using it by the passage of time. I became expert in these abilities and became a master in using them in different situations. I can tap into anybody's energies to forecast the upcoming events. Specially in the domain of love and relationship, career, forecast, financial investment, nature of person, intentions of person. I can read heart and mind of any unknown person and guide them through any kind of situaton. I am also a certified vedic astrologer, this vedic astrology is like a cherry on the cake and help me in many ways especially to predict the accurate time line for the upcoming events. The vedic actrology will predict more accurately compared to the western astrology because it is based on Dashas (positons and direction) and these Dashas are based in the positions of planets in rhe fixed zodiac. This makes vedic astrology more accurately something unique much more precisely. With the information of birth place, time of birth and the date of birth, I can create the birth charts and get the information for the upcoming events in different walks of life. I will make ,y clients aware of the positioning of their planets with respect to moon and the sun and their 12 houses. I am very professional and humble.I know the importance of client's satisfaction. Till date I have 1000's of satisfied clients who feels very blessed with my services. I love to help others with my vast knowledge, experience and with my gifted psychic abilities. I keep my approach very positive and will not lose hope at any point in time. I have the ability to perform much better in pressure. As different clients have different kind of nature and issues, understanding them is the key. My foremost goal is client satisfaction.


Bachelor in Psychology