About My Services

Welcome and I am happy to be able to assist you .I am a highly experienced psychic reader . I have been on liveperson/kasamba for 10 years . Prior to this i had experience with my own website and psychic line .You may recognize my name and ad in the past , as i have been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine . ...You can expect a truthful , compassionate and accurate reading from me . I tell both positive and negative outcomes the way I receive the messages .I am an empath ( able to feel your feelings as well as anyone around you ) .. The thoughts , feelings and intentions of others ..I mainly do intuitive readings thru the use of my clairvoyant gift but can also use tarot cards only if requested . I do have a high repeat clientelle as i give a very personalized reading . I also care about the client i am reading for and tend to get very close. I do not enable dependancy on any psychic reading and will help you to understand and support your own choices in a situation.. 99% accuracy, 100% Honest . You can be assured that all the information that comes to me for you is completely honest and the way I receive the messages .Timing, thoughts and feelings of others and compassion are my strong points . If you are ready for the truth , I am the reader for you .. Please allow at the very least 3-5 minutes for hired session ..Average readings are normally about 5-10 minutes but can vary based on individual situations . I do give discounts to regular clients . Just ask! .Please do not hit hire until a connection is made . This helps me to connect with you and give you the most informative reading I can! ~Master Psychic~ ~Clairvoyant~ ~Times and Details given ~ ~Wicca ~ ~Spells Available~(If requested) ~LOVE Expert~ ~One reading and you will know the difference~

Experience & Qualifications

Over 20 years experience . I noticed my empathic and intuitive skills at a very young age . ..From there gave readings to friends and locally at my home, worked for many well known psychic lines , developed my own psychic phone line and website and at present and the last 5 years have been giving readings exclusively thru liveperson/ kasamba. My ad has been featured in cosmopolitan magazine where i gained many clients worldwide . High - repeat clientelle . I use my own abilities of clairvoyance and clauradience to connect and find the answers you seek. I am a full-time psychic doing extensive readings in my home,by phone and on the internet. DISCLAIMER: My services do not constitute legal, medical or financial advice. By receiving a reading from me you understand all terms and conditions and that outcomes can change due to free will and influences beyond my control . .


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