About My Services

When I was a small child I would sit on my bed and meditate, when doing so I would leave my body and almost "float" I continued to do this and realized that this had a name, its called "Astral Projecting or "Astral traveling", I now know we all do it in our dreams, if we didn't we would all go insane on this weighted down material plane. It's a way for us to keep in touch with those that we haven't seen in along time from past lives and other worlds, and to stay in touch with our guides. That is great news to know that we truly do have a purpose and use for the the other 90% of our brains. And I'm so grateful and happy that the scientific community is starting to learn about and catch on to this. We are powerful individuals and capable of so much! We can do more then what we were raised to believe, as far as our minds goes, its endless what we can do! Remote viewing is something that I enjoy doing very much in my own personal life as well as for a career. To know that we are not trapped inside of our bodies and truly can leave and go to a target location is very liberating and gives me a personal freedom. I think I would go insane in this weighted down material realm if I couldn't at least do it occasionally !

Experience & Qualifications

Time Travel & Remote Viewing Courses. Read and studied Remote Viewing, took an online course and also did many remote viewing sessions. Remote viewing has always been the only proof that i needed to know that we can indeed use more then 10% of our brain its just rising about what we were taught growing up. We are capable of so much more and our minds are very powerful. We must give ourselves permission to be more then what we are and not be fearful in doing so.