About My Services

Remote viewing can help you find lost objects, pick the place to move to, or see where a lost pet is, and more. In my personal life, I've found many items like books, lipstick, legal papers and keys. It makes my life less stressful knowing I can remotely view and find things I misplace. What Should You Expect While Reading With Me? I will need to know what you want to remotely view and any details about it. Then, I will do my best to be as meticulous as possible with details about the location and the timing of finding it. I can teach you how to remotely view, too.

Experience & Qualifications

Reiki Master Ordained Spiritualist Minister with monthly church gatherings. Courses from well-respected and spiritual mentors with over 100 years of experience between them. Various training for over a decade from proven trainers across Canada and the US.


Psychic Development certification Remote Viewing training Guidance from mentors