About My Services

I have been helping people to improve themselves with my fast readings through all walks of life for over 29 years and have traveled the world to learn more about my gift and how to advise others on the ways to better view their lives as well as integrate my advice into the way that they live. Now it's your turn, I don't sugar-coat, I have no reason to and I only say what I see. My goal in life is to help as many people as possible. There is nothing to fear unless you are worried about the truth.

I can do four types of readings over the internet. I can do:

Runes with a scatter shuffle

Tarot cards I use a celtic cross

Crystal ball

As well as psychic

I do use my psychic gift with all of my readings. The use of a tool can give a different view of the situation you are looking to improve. I am giving you the opportunity to make your life into what it is supposed to be for you to have happiness in your life. Why wait until tomorrow when you can start walking on the right path right now.

Experience & Qualifications

For 20 years I have been training to use my psychic gift with tarot cards,a crystal ball, runes, as well as without any tool at all. I have dedicated my entire life to helping people to understand the path that is laid before them and been successful. Now it's your turn to be set in the right direction.


I am a fifth generation psychic, and guided well over 12,000 people in over 10 years on Kasamba and have a 4.84 average.