Sascha White Owl

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Psychic Reading



Angel and Animal Tarot master! My main specialties are Animal tarot and Angel tarot. I work specifically with animal guides and guardian angels in my tarot readings to ensure I give the most accurate and detailed reading possible. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My name is Sascha and I have been working with my animal tarot deck for many years. During a reading, I receive insights from source energy, spirit, and your own angels and guides. I love being the interpreter of their messages to you, offering functional, helpful, and practical advice. I am honored and delighted that you have shown an interest in asking your question by coming to my page. Let me be the conduit of energy that guides you and helps shift your current energy into alignment with your desires. My goal is to help you create the reality you desire by shifting your current energy. Your desires are unique to you, but it is our resistance that can hinder progress. Resistance can create a log jam, but a positive reading can help us move forward in the direction we deserve. Source energy seeks 'win-win' solutions for your primary question. Sometimes we need to let go or stand our ground, and other times we just need to be patient. I promise to provide the right answer, advice, or solution to help you reach your desired destination quickly. Before attending a reading with me, it is crucial that you clearly identify and isolate your question or questions. This will prevent any potential confusion during our session. Even if you don't have a specific question, but there is someone or something on your mind, simply focusing on their name will be enough. Source energy values deliberate intention, so it is recommended that you set your intentions before the reading. For example, you can express your desire for more clarity or answers regarding a particular situation or question. It is important to have clarity in our pursuit, as it directly impacts the clarity of our responses. Therefore, I strongly urge you to be specific and clear about the questions you have. To ensure a meaningful connection, I kindly request your date of birth. However, if you have any concerns, you can simply confirm that you are over 18 years old, as this is a requirement for the reading. I can't wait to hear your question! I'm here to provide you with the answers you've been longing for, you deserve nothing less! So go ahead, ask away and we will dive into the world of knowledge together.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a certified Kasamba tarot reader. In addition, I have read for numerous clients and have built a solid client base using traditional tarot, angel tarot, and animal tarot. I have experience using tarot as a tool for many reasons, for psychic predictions, relationships, work readings, health readings, spiritual healing, life purpose questions, career, money prospects, pet readings, lost objects, to connect with guides/guardian angels, spirits and readings to connect with crossed over loved ones.


2018 HONOURS ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Honours degree in performing arts. The thesis I wrote specialized in Carl Jung’s shadow theory and the spiritual exploration of the male and female psyche through performance and theory. 2016 BACHELOR OF ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Coursework included English, Drama, Australian Indigenous studies, Shamanism and various spiritual studies such as Chinese animal symbols, Japanese Kabuki and Noh theatre and Greek mythology through performance and theory. 2007 CERTIFICATE III IN FITNESS AND HEALTH, FITNESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA This course taught the ins and outs of exercise instruction and programming while studying anatomy, physiology, and healthy, nutritional guidelines. Importantly, this training taught the significance of mentoring, counselling and support while clients enter mental and physical challenges during intense fitness and health transformations.