About My Services

There’s no sugar coating with me. My readings are to the point! I use your birthdate and name to get the info I need. I also use Tarot for timeline purposes. I am able to tune in quickly and pick up on things that you may not even realize. Such things may be blocking your life and preventing you from being happy and feeling fulfilled.

Experience & Qualifications

I am an intuitive reader and psychic. I bring things up from deeper sensations more so than visually. I have been reading Tarot for more than two decades and am knowledgeable about different spreads. My years of experience allow me to read for you accurately. I continuously study by reading books that are connected to the spiritual realm. I am able to use different Tarot spreads that work best for different questions. My services include Tarot reading, Numerology, and I’m also a Reiki Master.


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher. Numerologist and Reiki Master