About My Services

BLESSINGS WELCOME TO MY SPIRITRAUL OFFICE Hello my name is Leeanna, The Love Advisor.Im here to help you and that's what I do best.Are you searching for a true honest real L.O.V.E EXPERT. And maybe were you are heading in your relationship?then search no futher as im here to assist you today.Are maybe you wish to reunite with your lost love again now .As i can reunite lovers togeather. As i give you a psychic love Reading.It revels The energy from your lovers heart,mind andsoul there feelings tourge you.And the true honest choices you need to make in your relationship to better the situtauion.My goal is to help you answer those questions,find understanding and reduce or eliminate your confusion today. IMPORTANT NOTE:Email readings are only available to clients that I have already spoken with in LIVE CHAT. .Thank you for visting GOD BLESS have a blessed day.

Experience & Qualifications

Certified by the MASTER PSYCHIC Certification Board Certified Reiki Love Healer,4th generation psychic spiritrulist Love advisor I'm a 4th generation psychic and have been doing readings online, and in person. Specialized inn. Reuniting Lovers, Love &Relationshiops, Marrige & Divorce, Career & Finances, Familey & Children, Soul Mate connections, Healing & Clearing, Aura & Mind cleansings I do offer "spell work for a fee" As I custom make for your purpose and needs. Love spells & Luck spells, HeArt to HeArt Medations, Reiki healing & Spirirtraul medations. I only give true honest insight .So dont let life's stressfull decisions stop you today. .


I am an Authentic through my Aunt sisters with verifiable initiations and that makes what I do very unique, and why my spiritual work & spells are so effective. As a fourth-generation L.O.V.E HEALER, my spells are powerful and unbreakable. My spiritual work is done in the LIGHT OF GOD AND ‘White’ magic *NO FREE READINGS *My recommendation, to get the most out of your reading, is to have at least 5 TO 10 minutes in your account. Less then that, will not allow you to receive the full details you are seekingyou will always receive free connections time before hire, ensuring a strong connection first inbetween me and you I READ VERY FAST AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A TON OF INFORMATION. DO NOT LET MY PER MINUTE RATE SCARE YOU. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.