About My Services

Hi my name is Miss DeBeers I am a clairvoyant. I was trained in witchcraft by Zulu doctors in South Africa for 10 years and 2 years in China with Shaolin monks learning meditation and Buddhism. If you need clarity, or to understand the significance of a particular aspect of your life, my readings maybe able to assist and guide you. I receive images, pictures and feelings that I can interpret for you, giving to you guidance with your situation.

Experience & Qualifications

My Spiritual guides assist in me being able to predict and link in to current and future circumstances. My skills are in the following: Clairvoyance: This skill will allow you to see clearly or predict the future through pictures, images, signs and symbols. Clairsentient: This skill enables me to feel emotions and what other people are feeling and what are the issues that effect progression in a situation. Clairaudient: This skill enables me to hear sounds or voices from spirit in regards to current events or situations. Empathic: I am also someone who is an empathic who is able to truely feel what you are experiencing relating to the situation


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