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Sarah Jane with first names only will tell you whats going on, in detail. What are they thinking and feeling and intending to do. Get the information you need. Accurate and honest expert readings. Other Specialties  
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*Detailed Reading* *Fast Connection* *Honest*

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"Excellent Reading, Amazing Really" "Outstanding reader, very intuitive. As well as extremely positive and friendly. Highly recommended!" "Sarah is an awesome reader and a very kind, positive and genuine person. She knows her stuff :) "Very fast typing, very polite and friendly." "Super Marvelous she is a great psychic I love the way she works! So helpfull, I never thought I would meet a psychic like her" "She is awesome and understanding." "Fantastic! The Best Reading" "Wonderfull, very very good!" "The connection was mind blowing" "I highly recommend Sarah, she is awesome!"

Experience & Qualifications

A natural born Psychic with clairaudient abilities. I use the Tarot as a tool to get insight and answers. Its amazing the level of detail I can get with the Tarot. How helpful it can be. I am delighted to use my abilities to help people in this way.

My clients want insight and they want answers. Especially in matters of the heart. I have the ability to be able to tell what another person is thinking and feeling and likely to do, with time frames. This is an ability I have used for many years as a professional reader.

My style of reading is honest. I will tell you the truth in what I see.

Genuine Psychic reading. No star signs or long winded sentences. No spells. No date of birth needed. First names only. See my feedback.

Disclaimer: By contacting me it shows that you understand and agree I am not responsible for your actions. 18+ only.


Tarot, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Bachelors Degree, Counseling studies.