About My Services

Are you looking for aid in matters of the occult, witchcraft, Wicca or magick?

Are you looking for guidance, from someone who will meet your questions with honesty?

With nearly 2 decades of experience in witchcraft and magick, I am happy to guide you through all matters of magick. No question is too small.

This is a judgment-free zone! So don't hesitate to ask for guidance in any matter you need assistance with.

Experience & Qualifications

Like most professional tarot readers, I started at a very young age. I have been running my own business reading tarot for several years, with hundreds of happy clients and repeat customers.

I have been reading tarot however since I was 18 years of age, making that over a decade of experience in reading tarot for others.

For a long time, I was a mental health counselor, so talking to people and approaching situations with a compassionate and understanding approach is, and always will be my first priority.