Sascha White Owl

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Spirituality & Religion



** NEW on Kasamba ** Allow me to connect with your enquiry! I'm gentle, warm, encouraging, highly clairvoyant and intuitive!! I connect with animal guides, spirits and angels to help with upcoming predictions :) Other Specialties  
About My Services

I believe that our higher self (our soul) has a contract before we come to this earthly plane and it's always our mission to stay committed to why we came here in the first place. This is not always easy!!! Many things become distractions, we slip into old patterns, ways of thinking, cycles or get caught up with challenging people and energies. In this sense, a psychic reading can give you insight into how energy is interplaying in your life and what's to come as a result of your own and other's intentions. Indeed, certain probabilities can present themselves depending upon your actions and intuition. A certain outcome is destined, however a lot of the time, you can write your own future according to your will and actions. I can help you become aware of surrounding energies and thought patterns that may or may not be surfaced. I can help steer your energy in the right places, whether you are trying to repair a relationship or are feeling stuck about something in particular, I can help reveal the unconscious to you and bring it to light in order to align your energy with your soul's true path. Also, we may think something is bad but it really isn't!!! It is exactly what is meant to happen according to our own and the universe's higher will! This is why a psychic reading can really benefit a client because it helps them see the overall bigger picture which disables imbalances regarding negative perspectives. Ultimately, your higher self wants you to maintain your soul mission, therefore there is nothing 'bad' about a psychic reading only to the ego which sometimes attaches itself to certain expectations which essentially limits our own potential and self awareness. I would love to help you gain a proper insight into your future and help your ultimate soul mission. Indeed, every single person is different, every reading is different, therefore every approach is different. However, I will use my guiding white owl spirit as my guide to connect with the angels, spirit guides and with the divine white light to give you an accurate reading!!!

Experience & Qualifications

I have read for hundreds of clients and have a loyal client base. I have a lot of experience reading for people who have specific questions about people, love, work, relationships, family, career, their pets, their crossed over loved ones. I have helped numerous clients feel at ease by predicting certain outcomes good or bad, I have helped with reasons, given support about different possibilities and what's available to them :) In terms of tools I use, I am equipped and skilled with thirty-five different oracle/tarot card decks. However, the main deck I connect with is my ‘Animal Tarot’ which allows me to look into the past, present and future for the client. For further accuracy I accompany my readings with 'Angel cards' and 'Psychic oracle cards.'


2018 HONOURS ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Honours degree in performing arts and psychoanalysis. The thesis I wrote specialized in Carl Jung’s shadow theory and the spiritual exploration of the male and female psyche through performance and theory. 2016 BACHELOR OF ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Coursework included English, Drama, Australian Indigenous studies, Shamanism and various spiritual studies such as Chinese animal symbols, Japanese Kabuki and Noh theatre and Greek mythology through performance and theory. 2007 CERTIFICATE III IN FITNESS AND HEALTH, FITNESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA This course taught the ins-and-outs of exercise instruction and programming, while studying anatomy, physiology, and healthy, nutritional guidelines. Importantly, this training taught the significance of mentoring, counselling and support while clients enter mental and physical challenges during intense fitness and health transformations.