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** NEW on Kasamba ** Let me help you get the answers you've been waiting for. I have been a psychic for most of my life. It was scary at first to feel things and see things and predict events when no one else could. Both of my grandmothers told me about my gift before it actually happened. My parents were a little scared because their little girl had a power they didn't understand. I can give you the clarity you need to any situation you are going through. Let me know now what they are. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Do you need guidance in your life? Are you confused as to what steps you should take towards career, love, or life in general? Are you in a relationship and would like to know where it is going?? Are you tired of waiting or wondering how he feels? These are all questions I can answer for you. This is just a sample of what I can see for you. With my readings if I feel at the end I need to light a candle to let your spirit guides help you I will. This is at no extra charge to you. Sometimes at the end of a conversation I feel like it's not finished. This is when I will go out and light a candle and let it burn until it shuts off on it's own. I want your experience with me to be a positive one. I make sure after we are done, you are able to think clearer and can move forward with whatever issues you are dealing with. Let's chat!

Experience & Qualifications

I've been able to tune into people since I was a child. I have over 30 years exp. Love and relationship calls to me the most. I feel everyone should be loved the way they need to be. Don't accept anything less than that. I believe that everyone deserves only the best. Let me help you with your problems. No problem is too big or too small. We all need to walk a path where we are comfortable in where we are going. There is always an answer to your question. Let's discuss and figure out what that is and finally clear your mind of the noise that is bothering you.


Certified Tarot Card Reader